Quality services for families

The playground on Weerona Way in North Warrandyte, which is currently closed due to COVID-19.

The playground on Weerona Way in North Warrandyte, which is currently closed due to COVID-19.
Photo of Ben Ramcharan

Quality Services for Families

Nillumbik is a wonderful place for families, with its natural environment and strong sense of community. Kids thrive here with lots of open space to run around in. I am committed to working with local families to provide them with the best opportunities possible.


Daycare is essential to ensure that parents of young families can care for their kids while also living a busy life and pursuing a fulfilling career. It also helps parents and children create a shared community which they will treasure as they grow up.

Daycare is an important investment in our community.

Without Council support, daycare centres can struggle and even shut down, meaning less local jobs and less opportunities for local parents. Council needs to work closely with local daycare centres to make sure we are giving them all the support they need to continue to do the fantastic work they do for local parents, kids and families.


I know how much local families treasure the environment, community reserves, playgrounds, trails, recreational facilities and sporting clubs in Nillumbik. These are vital for helping children grow up happy and healthy. I’m working hard to properly support and maintain all of these facilities and make sure they are available to everyone across Sugarloaf Ward.

It was shocking to see Council’s attempt to sell off 17 valued community reserves in 2018. It was a relief that they changed their mind after a huge amount of community pressure. I want to make sure Council never tries to do something like that again.

Nillumbik has fantastic facilities for families. I am working towards making sure they are properly maintained and available to everyone across Sugarloaf.

I plan to work with families to create programs to help you and your kids make the most of our local environment. I will protect the community reserves that you love to visit and I will ensure that Council continues to support local sporting clubs so your kids can have the best opportunities to do what they love.


Unfortunately, due to steep hills and a lack of footpaths, our area isn’t very walkable. We also lack proper public transport. This makes it very difficult to get around without a car. As kids grow up, they need to learn to get around on their own but this is difficult in Nillumbik.

It is far too difficult for young adults in Nillumbik to get around independently.

As kids gain independence and become young adults, it’s important for them to be able to get around without relying on their parents’ free taxi service. I plan to work with local families and young adults to find ways to improve transport in our area to give local kids the best opportunities possible.