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Planning ahead

09:49PM, Thu 29/07/2021
It's been exciting to see some great progress on council. The work we're doing right now will set the scene for our work over the next four years and it looks like we'll be very busy!

The blueprints of our Council

The Community Vision and Council Plan have been drafted and we are taking submissions from the community now on these critical documents. The Vision describes where our community wants us to be in 20 years and the Plan outlines how we plan to work towards that vision over the next 4 years. Everything that we do as a council over this 4-year term will be guided by the Council Plan. They are effectively the blueprints of our shire.

Click here now to have your say on these important documents.

Research toilets

Council has began consulting with traders at Research Shops before commencing the much-needed replacement of the toilet block. The new toilets will be more welcoming, with some important safety improvements. Down the track, we will also be commissioning some public artwork on the new toilet block and we look forward to involving the community in this.

Fill dumping in our Green Wedge

The community have spoken. 80% of respondents supported stronger controls to limit the dumping of fill in our Green Wedge areas and we are amending our planning scheme to require a permit if more than 100 cubic metres of fill are to be imported.

The next step is to appoint a planning panel. The panel will consider all submissions that were made and make a recommendation to council so we can proceed with implementing this important control.

Flying the rainbow flag

On Tuesday 27 July, Council voted unanimously to install two new flagpoles at the council offices. The Torres Straight flag will fly permanently from one of the poles and the other pole will be used to fly the Rainbow and Trans Flags on days of significance to LGBTIQA+ people.

There is still a lot more work to do and while this may be a small gesture, it's an important step and sends a message to all of our LGBTIQA+ residents that you are accepted, valued and welcome in Nillumbik.

Bushfire resilience

Bushfire Resilience Inc. are running a series of webinars to help you get ready for the fire season. Go to for more information.

Community meetings

With any luck, COVID permitting, I'm planning to resume my community meetings shortly. Cr Frances Eyre and I had a fantastic time meeting the community in Research and I look forward to meeting the community in other areas going forwards. Stay tuned for details of my next meeting.

Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Park and Tower

Council is developing a Management Plan for the Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Park. The Management Plan will help us protect and maintain this special community asset long into the future. We're currently in discussions with the major stakeholders in the community and will soon move on to public community consultation. Stay tuned to have your say!

Roads across Sugarloaf Ward

After many months of conversations with Council's infrastructure team, I have a meeting arranged with the Department of Transport next month to discuss road safety issues in our area. I'll be pushing for improved safety measures for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and wildlife in known road safety hotspots. I will also make it clear to the Department that they need to listen carefully to the community before making any major changes to our roads.

Roads in North Warrandyte

Funding from the Getting to School Safely program has allowed us to build a new footpath at the bottom of Research-Warrandyte Road in North Warrandyte. This is the first step in a long list of safety improvements that need to be done on that road.

While the new footpath is a fantastic step forward, we are well aware that more needs to be done and I have confirmed with our infrastructure team that there are plans to extend the footpath further when funding is available.

Roads in Research

We are aware of a wide range of road issues in Eltham and Research and council officers are working on getting these addressed. This includes Cassels Road, Margaret Street, Allendale Road, Ingams Road, Zig Zag Road, Maroong Drive and Leane Drive. Go here to see regular updates on what's being done.

We're also very aware of the issues with parking at the Research Shopping Strip. Cr Frances Eyre and I will be discussing this with council officers shortly and pushing for a solution to this issue which we know is having a huge impact on both residents and traders in Research.

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Local Laws - Have Your Say Now!

10:54PM, Sat 29/05/2021
Local laws determine what people can and can't do in Nillumbik. We are currently reviewing our local laws and this is a huge, exciting opportunity to create regulations that will protect what we love about where we live!

We can't miss this chance!

Our local laws are only reviewed once every ten years. If we miss this chance, we won't get to do this for another ten years!

Click here to make a submission to the local law review.

There is a discussion paper on the council website, which you can respond to but in particular, I'm interested in your answers to the following questions:
  • Do you support restricting the construction of new barbed wire and ringlock fencing to protect wildlife?
  • Do you support requirements for all new fences to have wildlife-friendly features such as gaps at the bottom and visible top wires?
  • Do you support banning single-use plastics from council venues and all council-endorsed events, markets and festivals?
  • Should council have certain designated areas where we prohibit the use of single-use plastics (e.g. by waterways)?
  • Should council create regulations to minimise the impact that lighting on private property has on the circadian rythms of our nocturnal wildlife?
  • Should council restrict the use of carcinogenic herbicides such as glyphosates?
  • Should council regulate the use of pesticides to prevent secondary poisoning (e.g. where a rat is poisoned, an owl eats the rat and then the owl dies)?
  • Remembering that local laws are here to specify what people can't do in Nillumbik, what other local laws should we make to protect what we love about where we live?
Don't wait. Submissions close 2 July. We only get to do this once every ten years!

Make your submission now!

I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.